The background of BRIDGES2000

BRIDGES2000 was founded in 1999 by Mr. Hendrik van der Ham and is owned by a holding company.

BRIDGES2000 is a company that manufactures and rents equipment for civil works and safe access for marine, refinery and offshore.

The head office of BRIGDES2000 is located in Rotterdam and has a workshop in Moerdijk.

BRIDGES2000 offers a one-stop service. BRIDGES2000 is known for their service for construction companies, the event industry, the sea and offshore sectors.

The BRIDGES2000 team stands for safe accessibility with safe, high-quality, good and reliable products, such as a bridge, pontoon, gangway, tower or tunnel. During the past 19 years, BRIDGES2000 has already worked closely with customers around the world.

Where we stand for

BRIDGES2000 is known for its quality standards with regard to the supply of bridges and gangways for the offshore industry. Safety must be above all. All equipment has been tested and certified by Bureau Veritas, DNV or ABS.

Safety is very important, we work with the highest safety standards when making our products.

Safe accessibility is what BRIDGES2000 stands for.

Why do customers choose BRIDGES2000?

  • We are experienced in the field
  • We have usable products that are easy to install
  • Our products require (almost) no maintenance
  • We are a versatile builder
  • We are available (almost) 24/7
  • We make beautiful, aesthetic designs
  • For us, safety is our first priority
  • Our products are certified by Bureau Veritas, DNV, ABS
  • If you visit us, you will experience an open-minded company
  • We have good customer service and take care of our team
  • We believe in sustainability and we reuse as much material as possible