“Just what we needed!”

“Because the bridges have become too low due to the high water, we have to finish our ships in Rotterdam. Do you have a number of 8 m and 12 m gangways ahead of us?”

Hendrik replied:
“Consider it done!”

And how was it handled:
“Then they delivered exactly what we ordered and on time. And then the question came for a number of slightly longer ones. In our main implementation, they were even better than expected, wider and more stable. In addition, excellent service and fast delivery. I asked by email in the evening if gangways could be exchanged the other day. Immediately there was an answer, and the other day they just lay there, made to measure and clean: precisely fitting, strong gangways. Just what we needed.”

“Wonderful company”

“We wanted to organize the Inland Shipping Days in Zwijndrecht. I have known Hendrik for a long time and asked him to help us.”

Hendrik replied:
“Of course we do!”

And how was it handled:
“He thought along, what is easy and good to lift on the spot. Stand out, but not too much. And how is it safe. Also how the paint of the ships would not be damaged. In the end, just before the event, everything was set out in the evening beforehand. and we could apply everything the other day. I would recommend Hendrik and BRIDGES2000 to everyone, wonderful company!”

Jan van Laar, Maritiem Media

“The handling went well”

“We have to go over an obstacle on the quay to a pontoon in the port of Ostend. It is a LOADOUT for offshore. We would prefer it this Monday.”

Hendrik replied:
“That is possible, we have a gangway in combination with a bulwark for you!”

And how was it handled:
“Everything was delivered on Monday afternoon. The gangway was already in one piece. We placed everything on advice and are very pleased with the fast, adequate service and the good product that was delivered. Then everything went very quickly with the project and the completion process went smoothly. also fine.”

Ivo Ockier, Seamade OSS

“We were able to make our project run better and more safely”

“With a large pontoon we will moor on the sandbank at the Centrale van Borssele and have to go on and off with our crew. Actually, we want a gangway and a pontoon at the bottom. Is that possible and do you have that for us?”

Hendrik replied:
“That is possible!”

And how was it handled:
“Within a week we needed the solution. It all went very quickly. Hendrik asked further and stated that the 24 m gangway could land on the sandbank and that it was okay that he was standing almost a meter in the water every time. day was ordered and the next day was delivered and assembled in the evening. Our people were safe. And when we had two pontoons on site, we added a second gangway, one that goes from one pontoon to the other pontoon could let people walk. This great product and the service allowed us to make our project run better and safer. We can certainly recommend BRIDGES2000!”

Martijn Hoogen-straaten, VLCV

“BRIDGES2000 supplied two gangways for our HDD project on the Western Scheldt. As a work and accommodation platform, we had grounded an 80m long bucket in the tidal work area. We were looking for a solution to allow our people to go to and from the tank even during low tide. BRIDGES2000 has provided us with a gangway that could remain in the same place during high water, partly under water.

Later in the project we added a support tray to the operation which we wanted to be able to reach continuously from the accommodation tray.

BRIDGES2000 also had a solution for this, now by means of an extended gangway that went directly from one bin to the other. Both gangways were delivered quickly, were in excellent condition and contributed to the success of the project.

It has provided many time savings compared to reliance on crew boats during high water.

It has provided many time savings compared to reliance on crew boats during high water.

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