BRIDGES2000 is a rental company that provides “safe accessibility” through various gangways, walkways, fenders and pontoons. For more than 20 years, BRIDGES has served the maritime, civil, event, and increasingly the offshore sector. Due to the high degree of flexibility, delivery speed and 24-7 availability, BRIDGES2000 has built up an established name and stable market position. Almost any customer demand can be met by means of a variety of applications. We deliver for every need for safe accessibility. “We deliver – Fast, safe and fit for purpose”.

In this context, the sales manager plays an important role.

Purpose of the position

The sales manager’s goal is to achieve the multi-year turnover targets set by management by:

  • Realization of new customers and as much turnover as possible by setting up, executing and actively following up sales activities.
  • Drawing up a sales plan, coordinating market research and working closely with the marketing team.
  • Planning, coordinating and organizing sales staff. And supervision of sales activities and acquisitions.
  • In this phase, the emphasis is mainly on the execution of sales activities within the maritime and offshore sectors and the design of a scalable sales department within BRIDGES2000.


The Sales Manager is accountable to the Commercial Director and manages the team of internal and external sales staff.

Result areas

1. Acquisition

  • Realizes appointments with prospects to promote the services of BRIDGES2000;
  • Coordinates and provides (co) service presentations to prospects;
  • Follows agreements from acquisition discussions;
  • Draws up quotations and takes care of follow-up
  • Coordinates quotation processes.

2. Sales activities

  • Receives and handles incoming customer requests as well as cold acquisition.
  • Organizes and realizes commercial interpretation of the service (mailings, fairs, advertisements);
  • Organizes (service) presentations;
  • Invent, develops and realizes new sales activities (propositions).
  • Responsible and point of contact for the day-to-day business of sales, conversions, market insights, quotations, prospects and other customer support.

3. Implementation processes

  • Creates customer files within the CRM environment used for this and ensures that all relevant information / documents are in the file.
  • New customers are provided with relevant information;
  • Draws up an implementation plan and planning and coordinates the implementation thereof.

4. Relationship management

  • Periodically maintains contact with existing customers about the service and satisfaction;
  • Continues to talk with customers about developments and possible expansion of the service provision;
  • Signals and resolves complaints and dissatisfaction with customers at an early stage;
  • Makes improvement proposals to optimize (internal) processes.

5. Pre-sales

  • Provides documentation and pricing information;
  • Provides up-to-date information, which can be used on the YouzQ website.
  • Contributes to the development of sales materials such as web-based brochures;
  • Invent and realizes innovative sales methods for the services of BRIDGES2000.

6. Product and market information

  • Identifies service and market developments.
  • Has knowledge of the laws and regulations as effective for the services of BRIDGES2000 and identifies changes that result in process optimization
  • Makes proposals regarding new and to be improved services and processes;


  • Has daily contact with employees and periodic contact with commercial partners.
  • Ensures good communication with other disciplines within the company.
  • Participates in various consultations;
  • Maintains external contacts with relevant parties.

Job requirements


  • A profession-oriented (commercial) HBO education.
  • Knowledge of the environmental factors and competitors that influence the organization.
  • Planning and organizing. Responsible for the coordination of sales processes. In addition, organizational skills are a requirement.
  • Analytical ability to quickly gain insight into relevant internal and external developments and to translate relevant policy.
  • Is able to translate commercial developments into possibilities and opportunities for the organization on the basis of relevant work experience.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the laws and regulations as applicable to the services of BRIDGES2000.
  • Good command of MS-Office and Excel.
  • Good command of Dutch and English, spoken and written;
  • At least a few successful years of experience as a Sales Manager in the sector “technical production & services”. Experience in the maritime or civil sector is an advantage.


  • Can operate independently within the established policy frameworks and solve problems independently, even if no rules or procedures are available;
  • Has a good dose of creativity, taking initiatives and organizational skills.
  • Is flexible, empathetic and steadfast.
  • Persistent by sticking to a particular action plan until the intended goal is achieved or stops being attainable
  • Proactive. Sees opportunities, takes action by responding decisively and effectively and influences events.

Social skills

  • Is extremely customer-oriented and eager to provide excellent service at all times. The customer is central to thinking and acting, whereby mutual interests are clearly and convincingly communicated and presented.
  • Can recognize and understand the relationships between people and knows how to adjust actions accordingly;
  • Collaborate. You have many contacts with colleagues, clients and suppliers. If a project does not go according to plan, we try to find a solution together.
  • Can establish and maintain effective relationships;
  • Is open to new ideas.
  • High demands are placed on listening skills, interpersonal attention, empathy, motivation and stimulation.
  • Tact, empathy, integrity, patience, flexibility and the ability to enthuse are necessary in contacts at various levels. High demands are placed on the posture element;
  • Bridges contradictions and resistance, arouses interest and can convince;
  • Has authority in guiding sales processes and can deal with conflict situations.

Risks responsibility and influence

  • Unreliable information, incorrect analyzes and advice to the manager and / or client can lead to wrong decisions with potentially far-reaching consequences for, among other things, the execution of the project / assignment.
  • Chance of financial damage in case of incorrect recommendations;
  • From the position there is an influence on the service provision and / or organizational policy. There is a chance of causing material and immaterial damage through waste of materials and resources.
  • Responsibility for realizing commercial results and service contacts.

Expression skills

  • Oral and written communication skills are necessary for directing, advising, supporting, negotiating and business correspondence.

Movement skills

  • No specific movement skills required, only that a laptop (PC) will have to be used regularly.


  • A great deal of attention is required for the parts of the job, but especially also for the cohesion of the tasks within the job and the coordination with other activities in the organization;
  • Vigilance is of great importance because the activities involve various attention-disrupting factors due to the simultaneous presentation of problems with major consequences for the quality of policy development.
  • Attention is important in managing and monitoring various commercial processes in which frequent changes take place.

Other job requirements

  • Has affinity with commercial issues (in a maritime or civil context).
  • Broad requirements are set for integrity and reliability. Say what you do and do what you say.
  • Can adapt his / her behavioral style to changing internal and external circumstances based on equal cooperation from a result-oriented attitude.
  • Resilience and persistence are also required. In the event of setbacks, continue to strive for the goal (as long as it is realistically feasible) and be able to deal with disappointments and setbacks.
  • Officer acts in external project groups as representative of the BRIDGES2000
  • Requirements are set for appearance and behavior
  • There must be persistence, flexibility and perseverance in connection with the lengthy processes to achieve all this.
  • High demands are placed on orderliness, system and methodology when drawing up plans and reports.
  • Very result-oriented.


  • Psychological stress can arise from taking responsibility for adequate and optimal advice on and development of commercial policy and its implementation and working with deadlines.
  • This position is responsible for the substantive management of commercial processes, which can cause psychological stress by bearing responsibility for results on which third parties have a co-determining influence.
  • The officer will periodically work under peak loads and at irregular hours, especially in the evening and weekend hours, due to, among other things, the nature and unpredictability of maritime situations.

The hours function:

36 hours a week