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BRIDGES2000 designs, produces and rents bridges

Bridges in all shapes and sizes

We are well known in the Netherlands, better knows as the country of bridges.
We can do a lot, but are especially good at solutions.

The people who have experience with us always want more.

We also challenge you: do business with us and get to know us better...

Bridge Type A

With these flat bridges made of steel you can go in all directions. We can use these for light traffic up to 35 ton cranes. Different lengths and widths are possible.

These bridge sections are mainly for rent.

Bridge Type B

Most bridges are not covered. Bridge Type B is an example over the highway. We supply for rent or sale and LONG LEASE, temporary or permanent bicycle and walkways and the smaller road bridges.

The attached picture is of a pedestrian bridge over the highway, in combination with stairs. Made entirely of steel and aluminum. The advantage of materials such as aluminum is a lighter construction, which means that there is no need to form a foundation. In addition, maintenance of these bridges is almost unnecessary. Furthermore, aluminum is better for the environment. Can be used anywhere.

We have many different formats. Available in modules. For permanent and temporary applications. Make an appointment with one of our sales people.

Quality and safety

It all starts with a bridging question. We solve it by working with you. Tell us what you need. and we are happy to think along with you. Big and small. No problem. The point is that you will soon be able to safely go to the other side.

In addition, we believe that every bridge should fit in with its environment and be suitable to meet the request.

As a team, we are known for our quick answers and our thorough solutions. Because we have everything in-house, we can deliver from advice to implementation, guaranteeing the safety that is required.

In other words, we provide guarantees on safety.

We believe in more safety in traffic and better quality over the years, with a faster way to rotate, troubleshoot or fix.

Bridge Type C

When bridges need to be renovated, it is often nice to have another bridge at your disposal. Pedestrians and cyclists who have to take a long detour or drive do not advertise your project, or your municipality - don't leave people out in the cold.

In this way you can involve the environment, the people who live near your project and these and/or other developments in your municipality. The opinions and participation of the environment is becoming increasingly important. As BRIDGES2000 we want to allow the environment and people to be decisive - towards an even more appropriate DESIGN - FIT FOR PURPOSE.

Light bridges are installed within 1 day. Call or email us.

Bridge Type D

These wide bridges, also called Event Bridges, can be used anywhere. For light traffic, cyclists and pedestrians.

Up to a width of 3 meters. Made of aluminum. Possibly with wheels on 1 side, this can easily accommodate the movement of expansion and moving parts.

Our services

We build bridges
A lot of expertise is involved in building bridges. People have to move from one side to the other, on foot, by bicycle or in some other way. And of course there are other goals for a bridge. In all cases, quality is paramount.

We rent bridges
Usually people do not realize that bridges are also rented. We have been doing that for years. We have a number of very different bridges in stock and we think along about the application. If you need a temporary bridge, you can call us. We have a special step-by-step plan for each project we are allowed to carry out.

We sell bridges - and LONG LEASE is better
"A bridge too far" was a long story with a deeper meaning. We think you've come to the right place. We bring bridges from far to near. Even if you insist on needing a bridge for a longer period of time. We have LONG LEASE solutions for this. All you need to do is trust to take this step.

Other services

We advise & design
Everything starts with a good plan.
You can also lease a bridge
Why does your bridge have to be added to your balance sheet?

For municipalities and for many companies it is not advisable at all to have another bridge or to have bridges on its balance sheet at all.

We need bridges. They have to function. In addition, the challenge is already great enough to maintain it while it is functioning. Why would you want to manage everything yourself?

As a company in bridges, we do LONG LEASE - that means that we don't leave a single piece to fate. We then check for the customer and issue advice reports. And if necessary we repair.

Do you want a bridge on your balance? Let us advise you. Find a bridge company for this.
We repair bridges
Bridges need maintenance and repair.

Bridge Type E

This type can be used up to the heaviest traffic class.

In all cases we only rent bridges up to and including the highest traffic class. In other words, if you need temporary traffic bridges, call us. If it is the heavier versions and you need a permanent bridge, it is better to skip us.

Receive your quote within 1 hour

Since 1999 we have been the right party for renting or leasing bridges, gangways, fenders, pontoons, multicats and innovative production. You will receive a quote for the most common products within an hour.