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Road construction and temporary solutions

We don't have to be difficult about it. A lot is being built in Europe. Many new roads are being built. Roads are being widened. Suddenly, the plan that can now be realized must be implemented. Such projects require a lot of coordination. Where is the cyclist temporarily going? What do we do with the dangerous parts? And of course, what happens if a bridge  has to be opened for shipping traffic?

Most people do not think about what is involved in road construction and road maintenance, let alone when bridges are involved. An example is the construction by Boskalis of a road, along which a cycle path had to be laid temporarily (see images above). At such moments, good tuning has to be done. Of course, cyclists and pedestrians do not have to travel miles when building, widening or making other changes.

In the above case, BRIDGES2000 was allowed to deliver a temporary bridge and everyone was safe and helped.

Renovation and maintenance

If another bridge has to be renovated, then suddenly it has also reached the point where people can no longer cross it. It happens a lot. Many bridges are still used that require a lot of maintenance.

Of course we will not just replace everything. For that reason, planning has to be done again. what is being renovated and what is being replaced? Maintenance that must be done every time is important.

BRIDGES2000 has implemented the pedestrian bridges that CIVIL can be helped with, in several widths. In addition, the floating parts, among other things to carry out maintenance on the underside of bridges and quays. Choosing well and well maintained, are certainly of the utmost importance.

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