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All kinds of Events

Sometimes it is just the opening of a building, a ship or a bridge. Or someone has been appointed. In addition to all the parties that we as humans would like to organize to celebrate life. In any case, it can mean that a lot of things are needed. And because events are so different, there are many different types of event organizations. It is specialist work. Not everyone can do it. In any case, you have to be able to organize to make an event a success.

If people eat and drink or dance on the water, then of course pontoons are needed. How do you get on and off? What does the fire service prescribe? How many people should be able to get off suddenly? Do you need reinforcement on the water? These are questions that you encounter.

And then of course comes the execution itself. If everyone is on duty and everything can start on time, a lot has already been gained. If an event is well organized, it attracts a lot of people and people like to come again. And it is precisely that organization and finer points that happen behind the scenes ...

Eating and drinking and floating on the water

During this special time, a lot of events cannot take place. Openings and weddings are postponed. And of course we hope you read this and think "well that's over happily" because then it will be over and we may be too busy with events to change this section. It's hard enough. If anything is possible, a lot of thought needs to be given to how.

A great event of the many great events took place and is again taking place in Belgium. Ports are made here and people can board to enjoy music and food. Each time about 8 people paddle around. The effect is very special. Access bridges, floating ports of entry and floating rafts, everything is possible. And we liked to think along in the BRIDGES2000 team.

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