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This is the way you protect ships and quays

All kinds of fenders

When a ship wants to moor in the port, it is important that this is done under safe conditions.

The movement of the water can cause a ship to rub against the quay or against another ship. In addition to the danger of sparks and fire, if ships have loaded or just unloaded certain cargo, this movement without protection causes damage. This can be prevented by using BRIDGES2000 fenders.

The fenders we supply are made of strong materials and are pneumatic (air filling) and thereby provide a damping effect.

We have several types and sizes of fenders available.

Pneumatic Fender

The pneumatic type fender is made of strong rubber materials. The body is surrounded by pneumatic tires, a so-called AIR TIRES net - this net is attached to each other by stainless steel chains. These fenders are ideal for ship to ship (STS) and between ship and quay (also pontoon - pontoon and pontoon - quay).

The fender will in all cases absorb the thrust and movement between ship and quay. It provides a damping effect.

Fender with net

This fender body has a rope-knotted shell.

This rope ensures that ships, including cruise ships and boats with white painted exteriors are protected against black stains and scratches. The fenders can also be provided with an enveloping tarpaulin.

The thickness of the rope is 8 to 10 mm.

Our advantages

The advantages of renting or buying from BRIDGES2000:

  • Many different sizes and types of fenders available
  • BRIDGES2000 supplies to all industries
  • Our fenders can be placed against almost any desired wall
  • They can serve well as spacers, for wide loads or other protruding parts
  • All fenders (except Cone Fenders) can be rented
  • BRIDGES2000 has a suitable solution for almost every customer

Sling Fender

The Sling fender is made to be used both horizontally and vertically. For this, the fenders are water-ballasted to ensure that the fender remains balanced in any desired situation.

A flange is mounted on both sides of the fender to which the fender can be attached.

The Sling fender is available in different sizes.

Rib Fender

With this fender, the body is a kind of rib cage, so that the rib type fender itself is also well protected. The fender can be used, among other things, for protecting quays and is very suitable between slightly smaller ships, or with a pontoon on which construction must be placed, which protrudes outside the pontoon.

A flange with ring is attached to both ends of the fender. This ring can be a chain, wire or rope to be tied down the fender.

This rib type fender is an ideal solution when flexibility and weight play an important role. Very handy. Own weight of 40 kg.

Our services

We rent fenders
BRIDGES2000 is known for its good and powerful fenders. We also believe in an appropriate service. Renting is different from purchasing. It has many advantages. The products do not need to be purchased, so no investment, and you run less risk of defects, because we bear that for you. With exception ofthe cone fenders, we have all fender types available for rental.

We sell fenders - and better: LONG LEASE

BRIDGES2000 specializes in all types of fenders. Our fenders and our team stand for a long service life. We choose (with you) for the right fenders. Every situation is a challenge, which often requires a different solution. Ask us. In addition, we provide a guarantee on all our products.

Other services

We offer fender advise
Everything starts with a good plan.

Foam Fender

The foam fender is made of a dense shell with springy special foam rubber inside, and no air under pressure. The special foam rubber provides a damping effect when pressure from the ship hits the fender.

By using a flange plate with a rotating core, the stainless steel chain can turn and the fender has free play. The fender is also hung from this.

The advantage of foam fenders over pneumatic fenders is that they are still largely functional, if they are damaged. They do not deflate.

Cone Fender

The cone fender has the highest energy absorption and the lowest reaction force of the different fender types. Because the fender is so powerful and formed in one piece, this ensures great performance and relatively low costs.

The cone fender is made entirely of rubber, which gives it a high damping effect. These fenders come in different sizes and shapes, but all have the same effect.

The cone fender provides security and is stable in almost any position.

This ensures optimal protection when mooring. If you are considering cone fenders for your port, call us for advice. Buying cone fenders is usually quite a process. Purchase can be divided into steps.

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