In today’s world, we are confronted every day with issues of global pollution. How can we do better? Our footprint is measured and we need to make sure that the environment is less polluted. In addition, all kinds of different environmental taxes are being worked on. Those who pollute have to pay for it. People at BRIDGES2000 have been thinking very clearly about this for a long time.

“Reducing footprint comes down to being practical, using our common sense and staying down to earth”,
according to entrepreneur Hendrik van der Ham of BRIDGES2000.

But how does he do that? BRIDGES2000 has had a sustainable mindset for years. And in recent years, they have earned the New Circular Economy Company designation. The company manufactures most of its products from aluminum. This has two major advantages: it is light and no longer requires maintenance. Aluminum does not rust and is easy to reuse. This allows for lighter foundations to be used in bridges, which also provides indirect environmental benefits to society. BRIDGES2000 mainly supplies the offshore, maritime and civil sectors.

Sustainable steps

Larger companies in all kinds of sectors could take sustainable steps, Van der Ham says. “With any larger company, there is the opportunity to serve niche markets, reusing products that were actually labeled as waste. These products can be reworked and offered again, often even locally. As BRIDGES2000, we would like to think along and brainstorm with other companies to contribute to a cleaner world.”

Seventh Project Development

In addition to BRIDGES2000, Van der Ham also founded the company Seventh Project Development. Seventh is a sustainable project in 10 major port cities around the world. Currently, the way is being paved for the construction of the first floating island, 425 m in diameter and about 13 m high. It is being built in a dry dock of Pearl Drydocks Emirates. This company provides an excellent hub for maintenance.

Pearl Drydocks Emirates

“It is becoming increasingly clear that most business will soon be carried out in the Middle East. Then it is no longer an option to sail back to Europe or continue to Asia. This saves the necessary costs. Pearl Drydocks Emirates is also a New Circular Economy Company. Shipowners can have their ships serviced sustainably and at a lower cost in the Pearl Drydocks Emirates dry docks. A win-win situation.”

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