Couple pontoons for excavator in connection with castle maintenance.

It has been said before in my blogs. We from Bridges2000 bv. come everywhere and what a beautiful location this was. This castle, which was built in the 15/16th century, obviously needs the necessary maintenance. They are now strengthening/supporting the walls on the canal. For this, our client had to be able to reach the wall with an excavator.

To make this possible, we have installed our special pair of pontoons. And they are special because with an area of 10m x 7.5m and a load capacity of 5ton/m, this pontoon is perfect for placing the excavator on, moving to the other side of the canal and thus completing the work safely.

As a team, we are very grateful for assignments like this, where we can help keep a piece of history intact and give our work that little bit of extra shine.


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