Bridges2000 Access To MS Sherakhan 4

Go for safe access: Sherakhan

Sherakhan the pearl, a yacht of 70 meters long, with 13 cabins, she can accommodate 26 guests and has 19 crew members. She came to the RDM quay in Rotterdam for major maintenance. The question came at 11 a.m. and the gangway was on the ship at 2 p.m. {more}

BRIDGES2000 Go for safe access An eye for safety is top priority Gangway Check-ups 3

Safety top priority: Gangway Check-ups

We recently visited a transhipment company in the port for a 'gangway check-up'. Since there is often a dangerous load during use, extra attention must be paid to the gangway, because safety must be guaranteed at all times. {more}

BRIDGES2000 Access to Cruiseship 6

Go for safe access: Cruise ship

When a ship arrives in the port, it is often very important that a gangway can be placed right away. This is possible with BO OFFSHORE GANGWAYS and BL MARITIME GANGWAYS and of course this is also possible with BW BRIDGES. {more}

BRIDGES2000 Access to Luxury Yacht 3

Go for safe access: Luxury Yacht

For a gangway to a pontoon, the entrance to this beautiful and special yacht looks like this. It is very important at all times that the entrance is safe. And that the gangway is well secured to the quay side, when it rolls over the pontoon. {more}

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