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To a pontoon, to a ship, yacht or other floating object. We all want to connect. To get to other people, we have to cross a bridge. For shipping, a bridge is usually a gangway. The cross bars ensure that people do not slip during use.

Maritime is perhaps the industry where a lot is earned in large technology in the Netherlands. The people who have been trained a long time ago and now work here.

Good quality bridges and gangways are a must in the Western world.
BRIDGES2000 builds and supplies gangways for the Maritime industry every day. Safety comes first.

Maritime Solutions

To a pontoon, ship or other floating object. We must not think that this cannot be done safely. Fully certified up to 24.0 m. and soon to 32.0 m.

We could make all kinds of claims, but if CRUISE weren't that safe, this wouldn't be a multi-billion dollar industry.

BRIDGES2000 has been supplying gangways for years and years exactly on time and appropriately, so that many can go home or go on board with pleasure.

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Since 1999 we have been the right party for renting or leasing bridges, gangways, fenders, pontoons, multicats and innovative production. You will receive a quote for the most common products within an hour.