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Challenges at sea

Offshore gas and oil and general

Offshore has very different challenges than most industries. Here many dangers are lurking. This is partly because several elements play a role. The elements in the first case are of course WIND and WATER, with wind force and water current and the height of the waves playing the main roles. Then follows the direction of wind and water. The current and the wind can go in 2 different directions. this presents challenges that are hardly encountered in any profession.

Maritime and Offshore are an extension of each other. But it will be different if work has to be done in one place at sea. Even if the dangers increase due to the very different tasks or "tasks" that have to be performed. Think of a Gas or Oil platform where people have to work together with large groups of people and many different teams. And then think again about the weather elements, wind force and water current, then the challenges are sometimes very great and work has to be done very precisely.

In the past, BRIDGES2000 was allowed to work with parties such as NOBLE, among others. They knew the sea and the dangers. And still BRIDGES2000 supplies to various other parties offshore gangways. Human safety must be guaranteed or at least as "SAFE" as possible.

Offshore Wind

Contrary to what you see here, the weather is not always like that, especially in the North Sea. There are also challenges at OFFSHORE WIND. There is often a tight schedule. And how are they going to achieve that?

Maps of expected weather conditions are viewed, usually from a month before. The same weather occurs the same over many days. Today precipitation and increasing wind at 5 p.m., it can of course be very different tomorrow, but there is an overflow. People pay attention to that.

The bridges and gangways are taken on board. The operation must be able to run quickly and smoothly, which is best done with a good gangway, among other things.

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