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Pontoons in the desired position and for all kinds of functions

Always a safe situation on the water

Our pontoons are made of plastic and steel. The right choice ensures that a safe (work) situation arises.
Our pontoons are suitable for open water as well as for small lakes and other waters.

We quickly convert plans into realization. 

Renting and buying can also be linked. Have you thought about leasing a pontoon?
Let us inform you and make a choice together for what suits you best.

Our pontoons stand for a long service life.
When you choose BRIDGES2000, you choose the best pontoons.

Pontoon bridge

The pontoon bridge is extremely suitable for bridging during temporary work.


The parts can be set up separately and can therefore be placed in any desired position.

Light pontoons

Nobody wants an event where people fall into the water. Or an event where you cannot dance or walk around. In addition to the bridges and gangways, the pontoons must be strong. Placing and being able to move pontoons has advantages.


Using light pontoons from us means no more extra costs when moving. They are rather separate, differently connected, transformed, flexibly applied - and can be adjusted during an event.

In other words, BRIDGES2000 light pontoons are very suitable for any event or other serious use.

We assume that the solution you want is possible - shall we look at it together? ...

Our pontoons are extremely suitable for a temporary bridge. We provide pontoons for any desired event.

Together with the customer, we look at what options there are, so that together we come to a desired solution.

Pontoon between ship and quay

When mooring a ship with the quay, it can happen that space is created. Placing a pontoon creates a stable and safe surface.

People and goods can easily be transported over the pontoon. Also useful for aerial platforms, among other things.

Even as a bridge for rolling stock.

Pontoon floating floor

This pontoon island is made up of many small parts. Again, we build a stable base, creating a safe (work and event) environment.

Our services

We rent pontoons
BRIDGES2000 is known for its good and powerful pontoons. We also believe in an appropriate service. Renting is different from purchasing. It has many advantages. The products do not have to be purchased and you run less risk, because we bear that for you.

Need a pontoon quickly? Rent them from us.

We sell pontoons - and LONG LEASE
BRIDGES2000 specializes in all types of pontoons. Our pontoons stand for a long service life. When you choose us, you choose the right pontoons. Every situation is a challenge for us, which often requires a different solution. View the options with us, in addition to our service, we offer a warranty on all our products.

How does Pontons LONG LEASE work? In short: You pay for a fixed period and for partial use. Ask for a personal meeting and see what the possibilities could be for you.

Other services

We advise
Everything starts with a good plan.

Separate pontoon parts

We can supply pontoons for almost every desired location, and we can create a solution for every problem thanks to the removable panels.

Due to the high stability and carrying capacity, the pontoons can be used for almost any location on the water. The large panels ensure an even pressure distribution on the pontoons.

Receive your quote within 1 hour

Since 1999 we have been the right party for renting or leasing bridges, gangways, fenders, pontoons, multicats and innovative production. You will receive a quote for the most common products within an hour.