Our Product Groups

BRIDGES2000 develops bridges, gangways, fenders and pontoons. All the products can be purchased or rented, but we also offer product development and engineering to our customers.

We try to provide tailor-made solutions for every problem. We work adequately in our process, with safety coming first.

The best result

BRIDGES2000 looks at realizing projects to find a good and logical project plan, all project members know what their role is and within which financial and time frameworks they can maneuver.

BRIDGES2000 keeps the end goal sharp in sight during the project and immediately adjusts when we get out of the planning. We want to achieve the best result.

Everyone within the BRIDGES2000 team knows where to work and is focused on the end result until the last moment.

Within BRIDGES2000 we like to see a good outcome, without a doubt.

Our markets

Marine, Offshore, agents, ship owners, companies in the port, refineries, municipalities, construction companies & amp; contractors and people who need a bridge to their home or in their garden. We do everything temporarily and permanently.