The MOBICAT that BRIDGES2000 has for rental is a very special one. The dimensions are 11.0 x 5.0 m and several things can be done with it. It can very well serve to carry out quay repairs. It can also be used at events. For example, it can fish things out of the water or place them correctly.

It is equipped with a crane, anchors and a winch. With the winch it can clamp or lay itself on a pole. Because it is made of aluminum, it is very light and can reach its next location with a speed of 20 km. The divisibility into three parts ensures that it can be reached by road to locations in the interior. Very well thought out and executed, this is already possible with two trucks. It can be prepared in a simple manner and is ready to use in the water within an hour or two.

Bridges2000 Mobicats Mobicats en hun werkterrein
Bridges2000 Mobicats Mobicats en hun werkterrein

Mobicats and their field of activity

In the past, people used a ship or a raft for everything. Then there were pontoons and barges. Then there were flat pontoons, in all sizes and also modular. This multicat is modular and fully equipped.

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