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BRIDGES2000 designs, produces, sells and rents all kinds of bridges.

It all starts with a bridging solution. We can do this according to the needs of our customers.

We mainly consider quality and safety when we produce and deliver our products.

Each bridge must adapt to its environment and be perfectly suited for the desired solution. We are known for our quick answers, our thorough solutions and simple ways to apply. Apply within a much shorter period than contractors do. In addition, our solutions ensure safety to the fullest.

We believe in more safety in traffic and better quality over the years, with a faster way to change or repair. It all started with a bridge solution for India. In a few years time, quite a few tourists in the Himalayas were killed by breaking a pedestrian bridge. A solution was urgently needed for this. We designed a bridge consisting of many parts against the mountainside, with a length of 4.2 km. We used aluminium for the safest solution.

Because of this material, the parts could easily be attached to the rocks. Working with lengths of 15 m was also safer for the builders. A solution that offered 100% certainty, because it was a complete bridge, with almost no maintenance required.

Call us for all kinds of footbridges, a bridging solution that you need or for all different types of safe access required. With knowledge of our services and our products that are used by you, comes back, everything can be lighter.

We provide tailor-made solutions for every problem

We work adequately and conservatively, safety first, as the offshore industry requires

Product development and engineering are available


Below is only a part of what we have to offer. Everything starts with an idea.

Bridge Type A

With these flat bridges made of steel you can go in all directions. We can use these for light traffic up to 35 ton cranes. Different lengths and widths are possible.

These bridge sections are mainly for rent.

Bridge Type B

Most bridges are not covered. We sell or rent temporary or permanent bicycle -and walkways. The attached picture is of a pedestrian bridge over the highway, in combination with stairs. Made entirely of steel and aluminum. The advantage of materials such as aluminum is a lighter construction, which means that there is no need to form a foundation. In addition, maintenance of these bridges is almost unnecessary. Furthermore, aluminum is better for the environment. Can be used anywhere.

We have many different formats. Available in modules. For permanent and temporary applications. Make an appointment with one of our sales people.

Bridge Type C

If bridges have to be renovated, it is often nice to have another bridge at your disposal. Pedestrians and cyclists who have to walk or drive far are not advertising for your project. Often it also makes it easier to involve people. Which is very important in this time. Our environment is becoming increasingly determinative.

Light bridges, placed within 1 day. Call or email us.

Bridge Type D

These bridges can be used everywhere. For light traffic, cyclists and pedestrians. Usually in stock up to a width of 3 meters. Performed in aluminum and with wheels on one side, the movement of expansion and moving parts can easily be absorbed.

Call our advisers. We will be happy to assist you.

Bridge Type E

This type can be used in the heaviest traffic class. In all cases we only do bridges in rent up to and including the highest traffic class. In other words, if you need temporary traffic bridges, call us. If it is the heavier versions you need and a permanent bridge, then you better skip.

However, there is a good chance that we can help you or help you on your way. We are happy to advise. We are good at challenges and solutions. Special questions. Specialties. For us, no bridge is too far.


We look forward to working with the customer to find the best possible solution.

You will receive a tailor-made quotation within 1 hour.