Fenders of the strongest materials

When a ship wants to moor in the port, it is important that this is done under safe conditions.
Due to the movement of the water, a ship can crash against the quay, this can be prevented by the fenders of BRIDGES2000.

The fenders we supply are made of the strongest materials and therefore provide a damping effect.

We have several types and sizes of fenders available which ensures that a desired fender is available for almost every customer.

Fender types:

  • Pneumatic fenders
  • Foam fenders
  • Rib fenders

We provide tailor-made solutions for every problem

We work adequately and conservatively, safety first, as the offshore industry requires

Product development and engineering are available


Below is only a part of what we have to offer.

Sling Fender

The Sling type fender is made to be used both horizontally and vertically. For this the mudguards are waterballasted to ensure that the fender stays in balance, in any desired situation.

A flange is mounted on both sides of the fender to which the fender can be fixed.

The Sling type fender is available in different sizes.

RIB Fender

With this fender, the body is a kind of rib cage, so the rib type fender is well protected.

The fender can, among other things, be used for protection of quays and is very suitable between slightly smaller vessels, or at a pontoon on which construction has to be placed, which protrudes outside the pontoon. A flange with ring is attached to both ends of the fender.

This rib type fender is an ideal solution when flexibility and weight play an important role.

Fender with net

This fender body has a rope-knotted casing. This rope ensures that ships such as cruise ships and boats with white painted outer surfaces are protected against black spots and scratches. The thickness of the rope is 8 to 10 mm.

Foam Fender

The foam fender is made of a sealed casing with resilient special foam rubber inside, and no air on pressure. The special foam rubber provides a damping effect when pressure from the ship arrives against the fender.

By using a flange plate with a rotating core, the stainless steel chain can rotate and the fender has free play. Here the fender is also hung up.

The advantage of foam fenders over pneumatic fenders is that they are 100% functional, if they are damaged.

Cone Fender

The cone fender has the highest energy intake and the lowest reaction force of the different fender types. Because the fender is so powerful and in one piece is formed, this for beautiful performance and low costs.

The Cone fender is made of rubber which gives it a high damping effect. These fenders are delivered in different sizes and shapes but all have the same effect.

The cone fender ensures security and is stable in almost every position. This ensures optimum protection.


We look forward to working with the customer to find the best possible solution.

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